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(Photograph | Thomas Ott)


Living space for students is still in short supply in nearly every student city across the globe and therefore remains a serious social problem of political significance. The project therefore focuses on two major issues: Affordable housing for students and a plus-energy standard. These objectives require flexibility, modularity, transportability, new types of living, renewal energy systems and favourable building costs.

architectural concept

The design concept is based on two spatial elements consisting of an overall area of 16m x 16m: A jointly used hall and six individually used cubes consisting of two stacked units for 12 students. The project is guided by the idea of‚ village within a house‘ and therefore is striving to merge individual and shared space within one spatial system period.

The technical and architectural concept aims at reducing energy consumption whilst maximizing energy gain of the building. The cubes offer a minimized private space of approx. 7m2 including a small sanitary modul. All shared spaces, such as the kitchen and living areas, are integrated within the hall. The project serves as a pilot and will therefore be used as a ‚living lab‘ on the Darmstadt University Campus after the exhibition phase in Versailles, where it will undergo a three year energetic and social monitoring period.

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