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energy concept

The development of the energy concept and its technical implementation is closely related to sociological and basic architectural questions of the project. In times of grown sensitivity to climate and sustainability issues, the question of contemporary forms of communal living is inseparably connected to the question of the cost of their realisation. In the notion of ‚sufficiency‘, ‚square meter‘ and ‚kilowatt hour‘ are merged into the question: What do we really need? To help answer this question, the CUBITY project aims to explore the ‚boundary conditions of success‘.On a technical level, this means questioning comfort claims that have been established as common standards, without losing sight of comfort criteria. Analogous to the spatial differentiation the entire building is therefore constructed in several climatic layers as a kind of temporary onion.

Pikto Technik Lastfall Sommer
summer scenario, active strategies


The common areas in CUBITY are naturally ventilated. The vents (corner window/ skylight) and its positioning ensure natural thermal and prevent overheating in summer. The cubes are the only units that get an exhaust-air plant. The air flow is lead in such manner that a maximum of pre-tempering will be the result.

heating +cooling

The cubes’ suspended ceilings and the hall floor’s heating and cooling surfaces will be fed by the respective buffer memory and the reversible air-water heat pump. The preheating of the drinking water will also be carried out by the heating water-heat storage tank.

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