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Shinlge Principle

The construction of the façade is based on the traditional principle of shingles. We picked up this technique and transferred the principle to new appearance of modern material like glass-glass photovoltaic modules and acrylic glass.

This application of high-tech elements like photovoltaic modules in the façade demands a variety of special technical solutions. In order to generate a façade, which performs in all orientations the surPLUShome is designed with thin-film modules. Out of all photovoltaics, this technology has the best responding behavior to indirect solar radiation. The angle of the cells towards the sun is optimized by this construction as the overlap of modules causes tilting. Supported by the company Würth Solar, a technical development offering the innovative thin-film photovoltaic modules use for this optimized façade-system was possible. This company as well offered sizing the modules smaller than usual, which allowed us to integrate the scale of housing combined with photovoltaic technology in a new way.

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