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Header Surface / Kopfbild Fassade


The roof of the surPLUShome is designed as fifth façade. It shall combine maximum utility with high design quality. Besides sheltering the house from rain-water and high temperatures at the moisture protection, the function of the roof is to provide power. Using 40 high efficient Photovoltaic modules from Sun Power (SPR 300), the roof provides an installed capacity of 12kWpeak.

To provide maximum flexibility in energy supply, we renounced to use solar thermal technologies – so, we were able to design a homogenous roof elevation. It saves the surPLUShome from integrating a complete system piercing the building envelope and needing special space.

To provide maximum space in the interior of the house and enable a second floor inside of the building, the roof was reduced to a minimal thickness. This is as well the reason why the PV modules are installed in nearly horizontal position. By mounting the PV modules parallel to the roof, the mounting system for the PV is simple and cost efficient.

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