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Added Value

The sur+face is designed by building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV). Main goal of our design is to achieve a homogeneous and innovative façade without ignoring necessary building practices. Doing so, the façade becomes a multi functional element with a wide range of possible appliances as it supplies architectural functionality and energy for the buildings use. The construction based on the traditional shingle principle covers many requirements like moisture proofing, shading and light regulation, technical de-aeration or humidity transport in the air space behind the modules.

The aspect of shading is handled in two different ways. At the buildings sides with direct radiation mainly, blinds are integrated into the three-fold glazing. The building sides defined by indirect radiation make use of a different shading system of louvers, with a homogeneous appearance in the overall façade. Both technologies can be regulated by the building automation. Furthermore they follow the sun angle during the day.

The installed photovoltaic modules ( façade and roof) are able to produce twice the amount of energy needed for the operation of the whole building. We employ two different and efficient PV technologies: mono-crystalline silicon modules with an efficiency rate of 18 % on the roof and thin-film CIS modules with an efficiency rate of 11 % on the facade. Even though these cells have a lower rate of efficiency, they nevertheless have fewer problems adapting to increasing temperatures and perform better in cloudy weather.

As one main impression of the building, the façade stands for a new, energy efficient lifestyle.

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