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The surPLUShome is a prototype house, designed for year 2015 living. In Germany Passive Houses today are 5-10% more cost intensive than typical buildings. But there are already examples, that costing can be equivalent.

Team Germany tries to upgrade this cost development of Plus Energy Homes. During the design process we searched for materials and technologies, which are innovative today, but will become standards in a few years. Furthermore we intended to reduce the building cost by combining usages. And we designed surplus values by sharing and compromising spaces (e.g. for living and technical aspects) and over all minimizing the construction.

Another important aspect regarding the costs is that the roof and all facades of the surPLUShome produce energy, which is two times higher than the buildings consumption of one day. The additional costs for the photovoltaic system can be paid in solar installments. Over different 20 to 30 years rates from 11 to 19 c/kWh are possible. Due to the German Renewable Energy law, the surPLUShome is more cost efficient in Germany than in the USA. To a home owner the surPLUShome means to buy a high quality home and invest money in Solar and he will get a Plus Energy Home for free.

Solar Power is therefore the power of the future.

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