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Integrating the building equipment into our design offers many chances. We combined high comfort, space economy and functional design. The results are several synergies:

The surPLUShome offers a luxury and comfortable living. The usable living space is maximized by minimizing the demands for building equipment and construction. Anyhow the user does not need to make any compromises of comfort. By using vacuum insulation panels additional living space was established. The vacuum insulation panels need 10 times less space than conventional insulation by providing the same protection. Another synergy effect is that the cavities inside of the roof construction could be used for a cooling ceiling, which arranges the temperature of the building without using extra space.

In the interior space, the multi functional body hides our equipment as well as giving a character to the room and including a lot of storing space. Exterior the building the facade which would be needed anyway is producing electrical power. Furthermore the photovoltaic modules of the facade can be used for our shading system.

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