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The use of day light is the most efficient way to lighten a building. The use of day light is therefore a main goal of the surPLUShome. In the single-room concept every location in the building is affected by every window at any time. Consequently rather than designing specific light situations at each window we had to contrive a system serving the whole building. Our day lighting design hereby aims to strengthen the architectural single room concept by flexible use of diffuse light for luminance and direct light bearing reference to the exterior.

The surPLUShome enables the occupant to adjust the lighting and to configure many design aspects individually according to his or her specific needs and requirements. It uses its large windows with two different shading technologies to do so. A jalousie shading system integrated in the glazing allows steering light and gives an easy access to the surrounding. A louver-based system with integrated photovoltaic generates power and allows marginal constrained views.

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