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Header Lighting / Kopfbild Beleuchtung

Atmospheric Lighting and Accentuation Lighting

Atmospheric lighting is important for the individual use of the surPLUShome. It is generated by accentuation lights usable for individual staged, small settings and colored LED lights which relate the space into a specific mood and interact with the whole interior space. In order to optimize lighting control, the lighting system is steered by an EIB-BUS system that can be operated with both a fixed touch panel situated in the multifunctional body at the entrance and a mobile touch panel from any place in the surPLUShome.

Accentuation lighting is implemented by using one system, in particular for floor lamps. The design is suitable for luminance on a surface and for atmospheric light on the ceiling. The lamps are integrated in the building services with switches. They work with special sockets in the cable conduit in case the occupant relocates the floor lamp.

LED lighting panels integrated in the surface of the multifunctional body glow in any color wanted by the user. The RGB light enable different atmospheres and moods for various occasions. The technology is as well part of the night lighting concept, which tries to transport the multifunctional usability of the surPLUShome to the exterior on the National Mall.

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