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Sustainable Engineering

A sustainable engineering should center human needs as main goal. In the surPLUShome the whole indoor climate was analyzed on the basis of user needs with the calculation model of the DIN EN 7730. By the Percentage of Persons Dissatisfied (PPD-value) with the indoor climate, we are able to show the high quality of the overall system.

But the energetic performance in operation is only one aspect of sustainable design. Building causes as well a high energy use for production of the building itself. Therefore we did a life cycle assessment of the surPLUShome in building and operation. It reveals that the building produces all the energy necessary for its production within 11 years. It takes only 10 years to cause negative CO2 emissions, as many building elements supply a high range of functions. The true innovation lies in the combination and integration of multiple elements with each other.

The value of sustainable design is at last, that the user knows that he is able to contribute to a sustainable future on many levels just by living – a new way of comfort.

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