Header Construction / Kopfbild Konstruktion
Construction - Transport / Module proportion with transport-bracing


For the house to be easily transported, it had to be partitioned in four modules. There are two module cuts, one vertical in the middle of the East- and West side and one horizontal at approximately two thirds of the height. The lower modules are 3 meters wide, 10.5 meters long and 3.5 meters high at a weight of 10.5 and 12 tons. The upper modules are similar in width and length, only the height is different at 1.9 meters, weighing 6.5 and 8 tons.

To assure a proper stiffness of the modules, braces were used (steel bars normally used to support concrete walls or casing before casting concrete) to counteract eventual deformations of the walls during transportation. As the technology is common in concrete building, the bars will be reused by building firms after the competition.

In order to make them waterproof for sea transportation, the modules were covered with foil and encased in boxes made of wooden beams and plywood. A transport box has an approximately weight of 4 tons per module. The four boxes get transported on flat bed trailers. The transportation way is Darmstadt – Bremerhaven – Norfolk – Washington D.C.

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