Primary Technology

Header Construction / Kopfbild Konstruktion
Primary Construction - Section / roof panel connection

Primary Construction

The structure of the surPLUShome is made of a timber frame construction. The reinforcement of the wood frame is guaranteed by OSB-plates (oriented strand board). To reach a minimal structure of basement and ceiling we also used elements of block construction. The floor consists of main beams that stretch in longitudinal direction. The box-section ceiling stretches over 10 meters without any necessity of additional columns in the interior space. Extensive prefabrication by large panels allows a fast assembly of the construction.

Because of the necessity of transport, the surPLUShome is divided into four modules. The longitudinal module cut in the basement is manufactured as half dovetail. This special wooden joint helps to position the lower modules and to ensure an airtight building shell. In vertical direction wooden thole pins (conical oak pegs) help to position the upper modules onto the lower modules and to get a first connection in case of assembly. The mechanical connection of the modules is realized by U-shaped steel clips to prevent the roof from taking-off in case of storm. Steel swords tighten the main columns across the horizontal module cut to prohibit crippling.

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