New Technology

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New Technologies

The surPLUShome uses many innovative construction products. The goal is to show future trends in sustainable building design by specific building elements. We decided for three show-and-tell elements under the topics of lightweight construction, multifunctional use of construction elements and building integration of active technologies.

Construction -Axonometry multifunctional body with stairs

Lightweight construction – stairway

The stairs are designed in co-operation with the Würth. A light-weight plate, consisting of 2mm strong plywood plates as surface and paperboard honeycombs in the middle, was the source material. It was treated with the help of a new ultrasonic procedure. During this process, plastic pegs are embedded into the sandwich slab in vertical and horizontal direction. Subsequently, the stage parts are connected with steel screws. Caused by the extreme ease of the material, the complete stairway has got a gross weight of only 37 kg. By the technology, the increase of primary energy for the construction per kilogram is counterbalanced by its light weight. Overall the stairway in this construction surpasses a similar stairway in conventional construction in its ecological footprint as well as in the ease of its handling.

Multifunctional use of construction elements – Cooling Ceiling

In order to handle high cooling loads, we embedded a cooling ceiling into cavities of the primary ceiling construction. Like the heat pump, the cooling ceiling is based on air as transferring medium for thermal comfort in the space.

Warm air flows into the ceiling, where PCM-stacks absorb the heat. The so cooled air flows back into the room afterwards. At night ventilation flaps seal the interior and opened to the exterior, so that cold night air discharges the PCM-stacks. The technology has a cooling capacity of 1 ½ days without discharging.

Construction - New Technologies / PV-Facade: Principle of shingling

Building integration of active technologies – Façade

A major issue of the façade is the integration of photovoltaic into the surface of the surPLUShome. To reach this goal, we developed a façade system with thin-film photovoltaics of our partner Würth solar keeping the scale of housing building. The used CIGS-technology is innovative and offers large benefits for façade use. The modules respond better to an increase of temperature and are able to handle diffuse radiation more efficient than common photovoltaics. We also tried to achieve multiple architectural functions like weather protection or shading.

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