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About surPLUShome

The surPLUShome of Technische Universität Darmstadt is aimed to demonstrate innovative sustainable design and to make it an object of discussion. Our vision introduces the concept of energy efficiency and sustainability as surplus in everyday life. The building features many elements, which allow the user to break common stereotypes of living concepts and to generate a new efficient lifestyle. It is a surPLUS.

Graphic showing the process from the first step of planning until becoming a sustainable house: including visions, ideas, problems, decisions, solutions...

Mission Statement

With our contribution at the Solar Decathlon 2009 we liked to improve design possibilities of sustainable architecture. In order to reach this goal, we point out new ways. Our building should surprise, polarize and have a strong character, in order to stimulate discussions about the potential of form and design.

Corporate Identity

Our logo shows two different elements that grab into one another. Together they build a unity and have also different meanings. On the one hand they mean the interaction of design and energy efficiency in the project. A second meaning is that those elements stand for a good cooperation between the team – as representatives of the university – with partners out of the economy.

Concept sketches in plan and section

Single Room Concept

The SurPLUShome is based on a single room concept. The interior design is characterized by a multi functional body as its central element. This body contains primary functions like the kitchen, stairs and the bath and defines the possible use of close-by space. Besides it takes over functions of furniture and the building services.

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